Blom completes 1430 hours

Blom Fiskeoppdrett AS acquired their Ocean Modules V8 M500 sea drone in 2016. Since then the V8 M500 has completed over 1430 hours of active in-water work at depths exceeding 500 meters.

The work has primarily consisted of inspection of mooring lines that can run as deep as 450 meters, which of course means that 700 meters of umbilical tether cable and plenty of power for maintained stability is essential.

Blom’s tension winch, purpose-built for the V8 M500, is essential for practical and hassle-free umbilical tether management for jobs that require constant unspooling and respooling of the cable.

Blom's V8 M500 will be equipped with the new DC/DC converter shortly. The new power management solution has been successfully tested with 1100 meters of umbilical tether cable with all thrusters operating at full capacity.

The new design of the converter allows it to be mounted over the junction box, without adding bulk to the vehicle.