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Air Drones

Since its founding in 2007 ACC Innovation has developed and manufactured high-technology air applications. The current focus is large (500-2000 kg) state of the art unmanned VTOL RPAS (Vertical Take Off & Landing Remotely Piloted Ariel Systems) drones that enable clients to replace or supplement existing manned helicopters and aircrafts. 

Sea Drones

Founded in 2002, Ocean Modules has sold hundreds of systems to over 18 countries around the world. Ocean Modules V8 series of ROV are the original six degrees of freedom ROVs and still, over 20 years later, the only ROVs with a control system that allows a full 360 degrees with maintained platform stability.


Industrial Business Residence (IBR) is both the concept and the location which simplifies business and the development of companies. The 55 000 m^2 houses young, innovative swedish corporations along with experienced producing companies. 

ACC-Group is a holding company with a diverse portfolio of products and services.

In ACC-group's diverse portfolio there are high technological products and services ranging from deep water surveys ROVs to heavy lift drones (> 500 kg payload) as well as rental of industrial facilites with its unique Industrial Business Residence (IBR) concept. This makes the group and every company in it financially stable. 

We identify a solution.

Our products deliver a solution. We find out how we can best assist our customers to solve their task through our products.